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Apollo 11: The Greatest Speech, Never Heard

by US President Richard Nixon 1969

Yesterday, as I was reading through some articles, I was reminded of the unread speech by William (Bill) Safire. Bill was a speechwriter to the then US President Richard Nixon. In 1969, the US sent three men to the moon, two of whom landed on the lunar surface. History shows they returned to Earth safely, […]

Three Years on Mars! How to Give a Progress Report Like JPL

by Curiosity Rover

I chose to use this video because it’s a good example of the 5 things you need to know when presenting a project progress report.  It’s a little tongue in cheek, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything.  Best of all, it’s a short one so it won’t take long to work your way […]

5 Public Speaking Tips to Handle a Hostile Audience

by Greed is Good

Just like Gordon Gekko… We’re not all billionaire corporate raiders, but there are some public speaking tips we can learn from them; even the fictional ones. In this review, we take a look at Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko and learn how he handles his critics when they directly attack him. I’m sure you’ve all had […]

How to Present Your Business Case Like Dr Steven Chu

by Dr Steven Chu

Sometimes we everyday people come up with an idea so great that we just have to implement it. But what happens when the idea is too big for us to implement on our own? This is when you have to present your case to others in order to call them to action. Fortunately for us […]

How to Give an Acceptance Speech Like Shuji Nakamura

by Shuji Nakamura

It’s nice to be rewarded for hard work or a job well done.  Some people take awards and compliments better than others.  We all have our own way of expressing gratitude, but sometimes we must make that gratitude public.  After reading this review and watching the five minute video, you’ll be able to deliver an […]

How to Present Your Point of View Like Lachlan Murdoch?

by Lachlan Murdoch

Recently the co-Chairman of News Limited, Lachlan Murdoch, delivered a speech at the Keith Murdoch Oration on the topic of a free media. A video of the full speech is available at the State Library of Victoria’s website here: http://www.slv.vic.gov.au/audio-video/lachlan-murdoch-free-media. It is a little over 40 minutes long, though I recommend viewing it to get […]