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5 Steps to Warm Up Your Voice for Public Speaking

by Warm-up

I’m willing to bet, you’ve made a speech or presentation at least once in your life where you thought everything was going to be perfect.  Then, on the big day you stumbled, your voice was all over the place, and you exhausted yourself.  It’s happened at least once to everyone who’s ever had to present […]

5 Public Speaking Tips to Handle a Hostile Audience

by Greed is Good

Just like Gordon Gekko… We’re not all billionaire corporate raiders, but there are some public speaking tips we can learn from them; even the fictional ones. In this review, we take a look at Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko and learn how he handles his critics when they directly attack him. I’m sure you’ve all had […]

How to write the conclusion for your speech

by Chequered Flag

The conclusion of a speech is the last thing people will hear, so give them something to remember you by.  A conclusion is one of the easiest things to write, but one of the hardest to write well. A conclusion is a good tool to let your audience know that you are at the end […]

Stay Hydrated for Optimal Speech Performance

by Glass of Water

I’m sure you’ve heard the old wive’s tale that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. The truth is, no one knows exactly where this came from nor why it has become such a perpetuated myth. One school of thought suggests that it was from a study of kidney […]

How to Present Your Business Case Like Dr Steven Chu

by Dr Steven Chu

Sometimes we everyday people come up with an idea so great that we just have to implement it. But what happens when the idea is too big for us to implement on our own? This is when you have to present your case to others in order to call them to action. Fortunately for us […]

How to Write the Body of Your Speech in 3 Steps

by The Body

For us everyday people, without paid speech writers on hand, we are often at a loss on where to begin writing our speeches.  The body of your speech contains all the material you want to cover, and often people feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to put everything together. Don’t despair, like anything in life, […]

How to be a Master of Ceremonies


One of the greatest privileges and pleasures in public speaking is being invited to be the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for an event.  The MC role in any meeting or special occasion is one that requires practice and preparation beforehand, but to keep things simple it can be broken down into 3 key functions: Host Chairperson […]

How to Give an Acceptance Speech Like Shuji Nakamura

by Shuji Nakamura

It’s nice to be rewarded for hard work or a job well done.  Some people take awards and compliments better than others.  We all have our own way of expressing gratitude, but sometimes we must make that gratitude public.  After reading this review and watching the five minute video, you’ll be able to deliver an […]

How to Write an Introduction for Your Speech

by The long road ahead

When writing a good coherent speech it is important to maintain a good structure using an introduction, body and conclusion. Without this basic structure, a speech becomes hard to understand at best, and a test of the audience’s endurance at worst. The introduction sets the tone for your speech, and is the first thing that […]

How to Use a Microphone Effectively

by Microphone

Microphones are one of the greatest tools for a speaker. They help us to project our voice across great halls, adding depth and volume to our speeches. All too often though, we everyday people don’t get the opportunity to practice using a microphone and make a real hash of our speeches. Often times you hear […]