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When you need to make a speech, and you don’t know where to start; start right here, right now, and our Speech Writer will create a speech you will be proud to present.

There’s an old saying that people fear public speaking more than they fear death. Yet everyday we are required to speak to strangers to maintain our businesses and our lives. Our in-house Speech Writer, Travis Nice, knows exactly what it takes to to overcome that fear and present a speech.

Business owners all over the world give their pitch to investors. Everyday, salesmen all over the world convert prospects into clients. Lawyers all over the world convince juries that their client is not guilty. There’s one thing they all share in common, persuasive speeches.

When we speak in public, we are trying to persuade others, strangers, to agree with our point of view.

Even in the unlikeliest places you’ll find a persuasive speech.

At the core of nearly every speech is persuasion. Travis’ specialty is incorporating persuasive elements into speeches.

Here are a few ways that Travis has helped people with his speech writing:

There are three ways our Speech Writer can help you:

  1. Speech Writing
    Some people just don’t have the time to sit down and think about what they want and need to say.  Some people spend far too long trying to find the right words to say. Travis will spend time with you; and get to the core of your message.
  2. Speech Coaching
    Once your speech is written, you must present it. Travis will help you find your voice, and coordinate your body language. He will help you deliver a presentation that you will be proud to do time and again. And more importantly, he will help you to find your inner strength so that you appear more outwardly confident when presenting.
  3. Speech Editing
    Not everyone wants or needs a speech writer or coach. Sometimes people just want a second pair of eyes to look over the speech and find any points of improvement, or any hidden gems that should be brought out in the open.

Travis Nice our in-house Speech Writer

You can hire Travis as a freelance Speech Writer, Coach, and Editor. He works on a combination of hourly rates and per project rates depending on your needs. He helps people all over the world, and He can help you too.

Please contact Travis using the form below.

Following your first contact, you can have a discovery session through email, Skype, or telephone. Once you agree on what you need in your speech, Travis will prepare a quote and get to work.

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