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Perhaps you are a manager and need to better communicate with those under your supervision. Perhaps you are a salesman looking for a better way to get your message across to your clients. Perhaps you are an everyday person just like me who just wants to interact better with those around you.  If any of those descriptions sound like you then you are reading the right webpage.

Everyday Speeches publishes posts that are free to read and always will be. The posts focus on teaching public speaking skills in three distinct formats.

  1. Watch the professionals give their speeches
    Isaac Newton once said that he can see so far because he stands on the shoulders of giants.  When we watch how the professionals deliver their speeches, we can learn from them and stand on the shoulders of today’s giants.  When we watch a comedian make an audience laugh we can learn how to make our own audience laugh.  When we watch a CEO motivate his employees, we can learn how to motivate our own employees.  We are only limited by our desire to learn.
  2. ‘How to’ articles and technical descriptions to improve speech delivery
    The greatest speakers in the world are the greatest because they know what works for them. They’ve had time to hone their skills and learn the limitations of their own bodies and technology. They seem to do it so effortlessly.  After all of their practice, it almost is effortless. One thing that is common to them all, is the great deal of effort in finding out what worked and what didn’t, their numerous failures and lessons learnt. By learning new techniques about speech delivery we can speed up the process of becoming great speakers.
  3. Organise your thoughts and ideas by improving your speech writing
    Whether you think out loud and record your voice, write on yellow paper with a fountain pen, or tap the screen of an iPad.  When you see your ideas coming to life, when your speech forms piece by piece, thought by thought, and becomes the tool that carries your message; that is when you will experience the true satisfaction that arises out of public speaking.

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